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Donetsk State University of Management (DSUM) was founded in 1992 to face the challenge of emerging market economy in one of the Ukraine’s most industrially advanced regions. DSUM is a state-run higher education institution accredited with the IV level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It is a dynamic, modern, forward-looking higher education institution, which successfully combines the educational and research activities.

DSUM is a specialized institution aimed at preparing high-qualified specialists for management related activities in Economics, Finance, Sociology, Law, Banking, and Marketing.

The University mission is to train new competitive generation of specialists with distinct creative thinking to serve the needs of professional world by means of the quality continuing education in accordance with the international standards for intensive sustainable society development in the knowledge-based economy in Ukraine.

The founder and the first rector of Donetsk State University of Management is Dr. Prof. Stanislav F. Povazhny, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Honorary Citizen of Donetsk and Donetsk region.

In 2008-2014 Dr.Prof. Alexander Povazhny was rector of DSUM.
Since November 2014 DSUM has been functioning in Mariupol, heading by rector Dr. Prof. Svetlana F. Marova.

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Today the University enrolls 1,500 thousand students. It provides training at 3 faculties and 18 Chairs.

Training is carried out at the following education-qualification levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master and PhD in various management-related fields like economics, public administration, sociology, marketing, foreign trade activities management, environmental management, banking and finance, personnel management, tourism and law etc.

Academic offer:
Education-qualification level “Bachelor”:
Fields of training:
“Management” (specializations: management in production, management of non-production sphere, municipal management, environmental management, project management in business, management of foreign trade activities, antimonopoly activities management, logistics, management of investment)
“Finance and Credit” (specialization: finance, banking, taxation, investment)
“Accounting and Audit”
“Personnel Management and Economics of Enterprise”
“Social work”

Education-qualification level “Specialist”:
Fields of Training:
Organizational Management (specializations: management in production, management of non-production sphere, municipal management, environmental management)
“Foreign Economic Management”
“Project management”

Education-qualification level “Master”:
Fields of Training:
Organizational Management (specialization: management in production sphere, management of non-production sphere, business administration, environmental activities management)
International Management (specialization: European Management of foreign economic activity)
Antimonopoly activities management
Accounting and Auditing
Marketing Business Economics
Administrative management
Intellectual Property
Project management
Business administration
Public administration

In 2008 the double degree program at the MA level with Polish university was elaborated. So far 12 students have participated in this program.

Students study four foreign languages (English, French, German and Spanish) as the compulsory subject of their study programs at all specialties. The majority of students learn English. Students of the specialty “Management of Foreign Trade Activity” learn two foreign languages.

Few subjects at all specialties are also offered in English at BA and MA levels.

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DSUM cooperates fruitfully with 42 foreign universities and education institutions, participates in the international projects under TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet, DAAD, ETF, USAID and many other international programs and foundations.

DSUM has a longstanding academic relations and exchange programs with European universities, namely with Higher School of Business in Nowy Sacz, Leon Kozminsky University in Warsaw(Poland), Silesian University in Opava, Ostrava University (Czech Republic), University of Sassari (Italy).The similar students exchange program was launched with the University of Caucasus (Tbilisi, Georgia).

In 2010 English track program at the specialty “Management of Foreign Trade Activity” at MA level was launched. DSUM teachers and invited foreign guest lecturers teach the program study courses. Exchange international students were enrolled at this program during their sojourn in Ukraine.

The English-taught courses at this program:

International Marketing
Market Research
European management of foreign trade
Intercultural Communication Skills
Cross-Cultural Management
Foreign Trade regulations with EU
Management of Foreign Trade Activities
Leadership in Business

Since its foundation DSUM has trained hundreds of international students at the full cycle education. Mostly these are citizens of China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and former Soviet republics. In 2002 the first exchange students from Czech Republic and Poland arrived for a one-term training within the bilateral agreements. Annually the university hosts up to10 exchange students from the European partner universities.

The University Office of International Relations provides a range of supportive services for international students throughout their study at DSUM. The Office specialists deal with the admissions process, general enquiries, accommodation, fees, orientation events, and other.

Despite of all the complexity of current situation in Ukraine, DSUM remains a modern university on the move. It can be proved not only by successful reorganizing the educational process in the new premises but continuation of the wide range of education research and related academic functions, like international cooperation.

The participation of DSUM at international projects under various programs started in 1999 and it has been continued till nowadays.

Five current projects are now being implemented at the university. They are:

2014-2017- Jean Monnet Chair “Analysis and implementation of the European experience in the area of democracy and governance in Ukraine”
2013-2016 EMBER Erasmus Mundus Broadening Educational Opportunities
2012-2015 Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at DSUM
2013-2016 Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging 544343-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-LT-TEMPUS-SMHES
2013-2016 Center for Third Age Education 544517-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPHES


More detailed information about the projects could be fond at Ukrainian page

The University’s strategic priority today is to accord study programs design and content according to the European standards with the purpose to become a distinguished education-and-research institution with the valuable input into the economic and social life of the region and the country.


International Relations Office

Donetsk State University of Management

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